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Fondi Stadio Lega PBBL X 2019-2020

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Fondi Stadio Lega PBBL X 2019-2020 Empty Fondi Stadio Lega PBBL X 2019-2020

Messaggio Da Shub Mar Ott 15, 2019 1:53 pm

FranzVW 200k (4  rate)
DanMarino 50k (1 rata)
British 100k (2 rate)
Morpao 100k (2 rate)
Kerans 150k (3 rate)
Nikitini 100k (2 rate)
Kovalski 50k (1 rata)
Yashiro 100k (2 rate)


Kovalski = "Rough & Ready" n° 5  - Desperate for Exposure. Each team receives an additional D6 x 10.000 after the match (both teams receive the same amount).

Pisman = "Rough & Ready" n° 1 -  Apathetic Officials. Each team gets a bonus Bribe in each half of the game.

Yashiro ="Unusual Playing Surface" n° 3 - Ice. A violent sport on ice? It'll never catch on. After a ball bounces, it moves one more square in the same direction. Also, whenever a player is Knocked Down, they slide one square in a random direction (use the Scatter template and the D8). If they would slide into an occupied square, they do not move. If they slide off the pitch, make an Injury roll for them as normal. If they slide into a square with the ball, the ball bounces. Note that the players are assumed to have been issued with appropriate kit to traverse the ice - skates, snowshoes or enchanted cleats - so their movement is not affected.


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